Shannon Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Crystal Lean Solution’s attendance at the Shannon Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

On the 18th of May, the Shannon Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon in the prestigious Dromoland Castle in Clare.


The event offered valuable insights from Martin D. Shanahan (CEO of IDA Ireland), Helen Downes (Chief Executive of Shannon Chamber) & Colin MacDonald (founder and Group CEO of Fine Grain Property) on the FDI landscape in Ireland. Resilience, adaptation and change are words that will always be synonymous with 2020 and 2021 and the event captured the sentiment and undercurrent of businesses in this timeframe.

Despite the challenges, it was noted that FDI had not been affected as a result of the challenges from the pandemic. The discussions included details on what FDI’s look for including the skills and availability of service, which are an essential decision point for investment in Ireland.

The speakers noted the opportunity to communicate to the education sector and the promotion of trades and skills in selling Ireland to FDI.

Senior cycle students provided a different insight into the uncertainty of employment after education. During the Q&A session where they voiced their opinions and expressed their frustration at the uncertainty of employment after education.

The event was attended by over 160 people including Maria Ryan of Crystal Lean Solutions and was the first luncheon event by the chamber since Covid 19.

To learn more about the Shannon Chamber of Commerce, visit HERE

To learn more about IDA Ireland, visit HERE


At Crystal Lean Solutions, we are proud members of the Shannon Chamber of Commerce and support all training and education in order to develop skills and improve productivity of businesses, with all of our programmes now available online.

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