Our Approach:

Empowering You to Own your Own Lean Transformation


Customise your Lean program requirements to suit your own unique organisation, culture and timelines


Translating lean terminology into real results with our pragmatic approach; at the physical location where the work is carried out, with the people who carry it out


Transfer learnings across the business to replicate cost savings and increase competitiveness

Our Purpose: Making your Job Easier to Deliver Results

Crystal Lean Solutions, formerly Crystal Business Solutions, a Limited company, was founded by Maria Ryan in early 2008. We believe that People are the Critical Success factor to compete in any business sector.

Our aim is “to develop peoples’ capability in Lean Thinking to systematically deliver results by making your job easier”.

Our People: Vast experience across the End to End Entire Value Stream

To achieve “Our Purpose”, our team is rich in experience in all aspects of the Lean journey over with careers spanning up to 30 years in Operations Management. We offer a diverse range of services including Lean Coaching, Lean Training, Lean Resources, Strategic Development, Data Driven Decision Making, Funding Support/Advise and Change Management.

We bring a unique energy to support you with this change program, in a flexible, patient and professional manner.

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CLS Core Values

our core values

We believe in delivering nothing short of the highest level of professionalism in all our relationships with customers, employees, associates and our environment. We follow the Code of Conduct as members of the IMCA (Irish Management Consultants and Advisors Association) and we live Our Values in every interaction.

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Our Performance:

Our customers provided the follow feedback on our performance in a recent survey

  • 100% are very satisfied or satisfied with Quality of Service
  • 96% are very satisfied or satisfied with Value for Money
  • 100% are very satisfied or satisfied with Action Orientation
  • 100% are very satisfied or satisfied with Professionalism

To find out more about how we can assist you in any aspect of your Lean journey, we would be delighted to discuss further.


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