The Last Planner® System is a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects

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Last Planner ® System

The Last Planner® System is an alternative method of Project Planning to the CPM.

It is a collaborative approach to planning, where each contractor is involved in developing the plan and is accountable to the commitments agreed within the plan.
It involves identifying, in advance, what can prevent work flowing and then managing the constraint before they occur.

Should do

Master Schedule

Set Milestones & Key Dates

Phase Planning

Collaborative Pull Planning

Can Do

Look Ahead Plan

Constraint Identification & Removal

Will Do

Weekly Work Plan

Workweek Day By Day


Team Review

Measure PPC

Continuous Improvement

Root Cause Variance to Plan


The Last Planner ® System is a collaborative project management system designed to plan in greater detail the closer you get to the week of work. The benefits of using the Last Planner ® System includes:

    1. Reduce project overruns by over 80%
    2. Improve quality by over 20%
    3. Improve site safety by 20%
    4. Improve collaboration planning and execution.
    5. Improve project team morale.
LPS Steps

To support you with your Last Planner ® System deployment, we can provide you with :

Our simple 4-step approach with Last Planner ® System deployment includes:

Level 0: LPS Not in Place

Level 1: LPS on One Project

Level 2: LPS across all Projects

Level 3: LPS Metrics Driving Continuous Improvement (CI) Culture

Level 4: Digital LPS for Efficient CI culture

  1. Complete Last Planner ® System Assessment
  2. Provide Last Planner ® System Training
  3. Mentor for Last Planner ® System deployment onsite
  4. Provision of customised Last Planner ® System templates
  5. Support the deployment of digital Last Planner ® System to reduce your administrative loading


Crystal Lean Solutions have received the Mark of Commendation from LCI and are approved Enterprise Ireland and IDA Consultants.

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