The Last Planner ® System is a powerful collaborative project management system resulting in:

  • Improved Project Delivery by 80%
  • Improved Productivity by 20%
  • Improved Quality by 20%
  • Improved Safety Performance
  • Improved collaboration and team morale


As a system that is managed on visual boards and multiples databases and spreadsheets, for larger projects in particular, some of the challenges of this hybrid approach can include:

  1. Too many constraints to manage on one board
  2. High administrative load moving boards, stickies, management of metrics.
  3. Space limitations for Boards onsite
  4. No visibility of project performance (PPC, Category of Variance, Constraints Metrics) across the business
  5. Lack of standardisation of LPS across sites diluting impact of approach in the long term

CoPlan is a Digital Last Planner ® System, which:

  1. Mitigates these limitations.
  2. Streamlines the process.
  3. Free’s up time to manage projects rather than administer projects.
  4. Provides real time metrics.
  5. Improves overall project productivity.

For construction projects, your field management system acts as an input into CoPlan.

Key features of CoPlan include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Phase/Pull planning on a touch screen interface (no more post-its falling off the wall)
  • Customisation of Project Parameters/variables for your project/organisation
  • Automatic update across the system when one change made.
  • Scenario planning to optimise planning sequence.

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