Efficiency is doing better what is already being done

 Chinese Proverb

To support the transformation of the construction supply chain, you can learn more about training that is specific to the construction sector. These courses will provide you with the skillset to delivery projects, better and faster with a sustainability mindset.

CLS are an approved leading Lean Construction Ireland training provider, with over 2,000 learners from the construction sector trained over the last 5 years. We offer the following programmes which are unique to construction projects

Belt Programmes

White, Yellow and Green Belt training courses.

Certification options include LCi certified, Engineers Ireland CPD or CLS certification from the CLS Training Academy.

Visit our courses and choose for yourself:

White Belt Training

Yellow Belt Training

Green Belt Training

Last Planner System is a collaborative, lean project management system that will transform the delivery of your project. To find out more about Last Planner System deployment click here and training available, click here.

Takt Planning is a sequencing of the work to meet a set rhythm optimising trade flow, work flow and logistics flow. This is a powerful Lean process that complements the Last Planner System. The benefit of Takt planning is a reduction in schedule. To find out more contact us.

Scrum is a project management system and the scrum Kanban board is a simple communication method that will double your productivity in half the time. This is applicable for design phase and also very useful for managing constraints closure, RFI’s or submittals. To find out more contact us.

Integration Project Delivery is a Lean collaborative contracting process that is deployed at the start of a project. It is complemented by tools such as project charter and conditions of satisfaction. The benefits include two time more likely to meet the budget and three times more likely to meet the schedule. To find out more, contact us.

Target Value Design (TVD) is early engagement of project partners, including client, architect and main contractor early in the project to establish a target cost and work to delivering this target over the life of the project. The benefit of TVD is to deliver the project on or below budget and share the gain or the risks. To find out more contact us.

Set Based Design, also called concurrent engineering, is a design process where you delay the final detailed design until later in the process. The early stages of the process, which can be used in conjunction with target value design, keep your design options open until you have sufficient information from all parties before locking down the final design. The benefits of this set based design reduced the lead time of design and optimises the design for both construct-ability and reducing costs. To find out more contact us.

Choosing by Advantages (CBA) is a decision a decision-making system, where decision are made on the balance of advantages, with cost part of the final decision. The benefits including collaborative and transparent decision making for an optimised design and other construction decisions. To find out more, contact us.

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