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Enterprise Ireland

A digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve the efficiency of business processes and performance. Digital follows a lean strategy, where lean implements processes and improves standardisation and a digital strategy can then optimise the business processes for maximum performance and real time data for effective decision making.

CLS can support your digital transformation in the following areas:

  • Complete a digital assessment to understand current level of digital deployment
  • Development of a digital transformation plan
  • Digital Project Management solutions – CoPlan
  • Data Strategy Development
  • Optimisation of Excel reports into a “One Source of Truth”
  • Power BI reporting
  • Software development
  • Funding options 


Enterprise Ireland Digital Programmes:

EI have a suite of grant supports to help reduce the cost of development of new or improved products, services or technical processes. These include Exploring Innovation for feasibility studies, Agile Innovation for smaller projects or Research & Development for projects costing more than €300k. They also have support for collaboration with 3rd level colleges (starting with their Innovation Voucher)

Sometimes the opportunity goes beyond the products to a transformation of your entire business model or to the development of new operating models. EI’s Digital Process Innovation offer can be used to support a team to develop new ways of working.

  1. Digital Discovery
  2. Optimise Your Business
  • Lean Plus
  • Digital Process Innovation
  • Capital Investment
  • LeanTransform

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What value we offer you –

  • Digital LPS for Construction – CoPlan – see our demo here
  • Digital Project Management- CoPLan PDX
  • Digital Assessment
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Alignment of Lean and Digital

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