To advance your competitiveness through Lean deployment, Enterprise Ireland and the IDA offer their clients’ meaningful financial support through their Lean Business Offer and we can help you navigate the process. It constitutes three levels of funding.

We bring a simplicity to the Funding and Claims process for the IDA and Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offers. With our experience of both EI and the IDA as approved Lean Consultants, we use a four Phase Approach to Lean Deployment.

4 Phases of Funding

The following funding options are available for companies:

  1. Enterprise Ireland
  2. IDA
  3. Skillnet Ireland – Provide funding towards specific training requirements.

Enterprise Ireland and the IDA provide funding in the following areas:

  1. Lean
  2. Digital
  3. Green and Sustainability
  4. Research and Design

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland have created a Build to Innovation programme to facilitate companies that are not exporting and are delivering housing and apartments.

Enterprise Ireland Lean Programmes:

  1. LeanStart
  2. LeanPlus
  3. LeanTransform
  4. Operational Excellence (combination of 3 programmes)

IDA Programmes:

The IDA have the following programmes available:

  1. LeanStart
  2. LeanPlus
  3. LeanTransform

Enterprise Ireland Digital Programmes:

  1. Digital Discovery
  2. Optimise Your Business
  • Lean Plus
  • Digital Process Innovation
  • Capital Investment
  • LeanTransform



Built To Innovate – Lean

Built To Innovate – Digital

Built To Innovate – Research & Innovation 

Funding Available to Support your Lean Journey

A key part of Lean Deployment involves training employees to understand the key concepts of Lean thinking and there are a number of funding options that may be available to you.

With extensive knowledge and experience working with various funding options to identify eligibility, our team can provide assistance in the funding application process and ensure that any funding allocated is maximised to its full potential.


How we can support you with funding:

Before you Apply for Funding

  1. Provide an overview of the programmes.
  2. Identify your Development Advisor or Project Executive to discuss programmes.
  3. Scope a project that will support your business and is an input into your application.
  4. Support the completion of the application form, with both you and your DA/Project executive permission.

Claims Process

  1. Provide mentoring support of the claims process.
  2. Provide direction on the location of claims documentation.
  3. Support the paperwork requirements of the claims process.
  4. Provide templates to support the claims process.

As approved Lean Consultants with both Enterprise Ireland and the IDA, we would be happy to support you in all aspects of the Lean Business Offer Process.


We are also approved Lean Consultants with other organisations that offer funding.
We offer a unique service to clients including Skillnet, LEO, SME and Multinational organisations, by coordinating funding on your behalf, thereby enabling you to continue with managing the business.


Built to Innovate:

Built to Innovate allows for construction companies that are both exporting and non-exporting. The focus is to promote housing and apartment building. Information from the EI website describe it as follows:


Initiated under the Government’s Housing for All programme, the Built To Innovate initiative seeks to support Irish companies active within the residential construction sector who wish to enhance the operational performance of their business via:

  • Increasing the usage of Modern Methods of Construction,
  • Implementing Lean training in both manufacturing and onsite environments,
  • Improving the use of digital tools to drive company-wide productivity benefits,
  • Advancing research concepts or process innovation ideas

The Built To Innovate initiative seeks to support companies in the sector who wish to pursue:

  • Enhanced usage and implementation of Modern Methods of Construction,
  • Implementing Lean training in both manufacturing and onsite environments,
  • Improving the use of digital tools that can bring productivity benefits,
  • Funding for research concepts or process innovation ideas.



Funding is dependent on investment from the client organisation.

Skillnet Funding

Lean Funding

Digital Funding

EI Construction Funding

Green Funding

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