Relational Coordination is communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration – a powerful driver of performance when work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained

Jodi Giddel

What is Relational Coordination?

Why is it that when we work together on a Leadership team or on Project teams, sometimes great results are achieved yet other times not? What drives this variation in success? From the organisational research work by Jodi Hoffer Giddel at SouthAir Airlines, she observed seven key factors for productive interdependent teams, grouped into the following 2 dimensions:

  • Communication Process
  • Relationship Management

Relational Coordination is a process that improves relationships between critical team members, focusing on the above two dimensions to improve overall productivity for the business.

What Can Relational Coordination(RC) Achieve?

The US airline industry yielded the following results with a doubling of their RC score:

  • 21% reduction in turnaround time
  • 42% increase in employee productivity
  • 64% reduction in customer complaints
  • 31% reduction in lost baggage
  • 50% reduction in flight delays

The Relational Coordination Process

  • Measure Current Team RC

    Understand the current strength of relationships between team members

  • Define the Action Plan

    For critical team members’, identify areas of improvement using the 2 RC Dimensions

  • Implement Plan

    Team genuinely commit to actions agreed and work to improve these relationships

  • Remeasure team RC Level

    Repeat measurement to confirm if an improvement has been observed. Typically, team members will have noted improvements prior to formal score.

CLS Specialist Services:

We offer 3 levels of specialised support to deliver productivity improvement through improve team member relationships:

Option 1: Introduction to Relational Co Ordination Training and Application to a project team
Option 2: Leadership Facilitation Process
Option 3: Complete Relational Coordination Program described in the above process

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