What Gets Measures, Gets Managed

Perter Drucker

Once you have defined your current competitive position and identified your future state vision, the next step is to identify what are the critical metrics of business performance. Hoshin Planning is a useful process that aligns your strategic goals to your business and process goals. The Balanced Scorecard then identifies and tracks these critical metrics including:

  • Safety
  • People
  • Customer
  • Financial
  • Process Efficiency

The Goals and Objectives Process results in:

  • Your entire critical business performance measures summarised on a single page
  • A simple tool to drive the entire business to achieve the Vision
  • A focal point for regular team performance views
  • Business metrics being cascaded to all processes
  • A traffic light system which provide a simple and quick overview of the current status of the business in less than 14 seconds

CLS Specialist Services:

To ensure that you can monitor the current state of your key business metrics and act on the trends within the data, we offer the following services:

  • Development of Business Goals and Objectives
  • Development of a Balance Scorecard to monitor performance
  • Developing the 7 steps of Hoshin Planning
  • Alignment of Goals and Objectives to the Performance Management Process
  • Development of Visual Management across to the Business

Find out more about how we can help facilitate you with the development of your goals and objective processes in achieving your overall business goals.

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