I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

 Maya Angelou

It has been recognised recently that using a Lean Tools based approach to Lean deployment is yielding limited results. So what can Leaders do differently to achieve Breakthrough Results?

Change is primarily influenced by how we behave towards each other, which are now known as Lean Behaviours.

Benefits of Consciously demonstrating consistent Lean Behaviours include:

  • Sustained Lean Transformation
  • Engaged and Motivated Workforce
  • Transition to Step Change Results

Lean Behaviours in Action

Examples include:

  • Leading with Humility
  • Genuine curiosity about what People think
  • Active Listening
  • Recognition of Achievements
  • Process focus
  • A simple “Thank You”

Proponents of Lean Behaviours include:

The Shingo Institute: they have incorporated as the central component of their Shingo Model
Enterprise Ireland’s Dr. Richard Keegan: Identifies People as one of the Five Rings of Lean Business Excellence in his recent publication.
Gold Shingo Prize Winner, Depuy: recognise Lean Behaviours as an integral part of their success at the Shingo Regional Conference 2015.

The Shingo Model with Culture central to Lean

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CLS Services:

To develop and incorporate Lean Behaviours capabilities into your organisation, we offer the following Facilitation and Coaching Services:

  • Change Management: Use our proven Change Management Process to manage effective change
  • Key Behavioural Index: Define acceptable behaviours and measure how we are performing against these standards
  • Relational Co-Ordination: Using our Model, measure, map & improve how people relate to each other to boost productivity
  • Coaching: Release your Peoples Potential and Innovative Thinking through our Coaching Model

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