In today’s competitive and demanding environment, it is essential that your business continuously evolves. To evolve, we must first understand our current competitive position and competitive benchmarking provides such a position.

Crystal Lean Solutions are trained and supported by the Enterprise Ireland Competitive Benchmarking Team and the IDA to facilitate Competitive Benchmarking using two of the largest internationally recognised SME databases, Winning Moves and PROBE.

We firstly classify your position against the PROBE World Class Grid. Organisations are identified as follows:

  • Unsustainable – poor practices and poor results
  • Aspiring – Improving practices with improving results
  • Enroute – Strong practices delivering strong results
  • Leaders – Benchmark practices delivering best in class results
  • Vulnerable – Getting results without practice in place
  • Promising – Practices in place but not yet getting results due to practices not being followed

Secondly we report on the comparative measurement of your business in the following areas;

  • Financial – Are we profitable, productive?
  • Internal Processes
  • Learning and Growth
  • Customer

The Benchmarking Process

As well as complete data confidentiality, we provide a clear step by step approach to the competitive benchmarking process as follows:

  • Step 1:

    Collect Company Data

  • Step 2:

    Input Data into PROBE and/or Winning Moves Database

  • Step 3:

    Present Report on Competitive Position

  • Step: 4:

    Agree and Prioritise Action Plan

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PROBE for Manufacturing was developed in 1993, followed by the small-to-medium enterprise version known as ‘Microscope’ in 1997. Their development was a powerful collaboration between IBM Consulting, the London Business School, The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Northumbria University, Comparison International and a wide range of manufacturing and business support specialists across Europe. The tools have been deployed to measure best practice in over 4,000 manufacturing organisations internationally, including the USA, Australia and across Europe.

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