LCi Lean Pass Course

Course: LCi Lean Pass Course

Date: 31st March 2021

Time: 9am – 1pm

Location: Online

Spaces Available: Limited Spaces

LCi Lean Pass Course Aim:

The aim of the course is to provide participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean and Lean in Construction, and to enable construction personnel speak the same Lean language onsite and in the office.

Course Learning

  1. Identify the benefits of Lean in Construction
  2. Define the Difference between Value and Waste
  3. Identify and reduce the 8 Types of Waste
  4. Give personal examples of Productive Work and Waste
  5. Give personal examples and suggestions of how to improve their own working environment using the 5S methodology

Crystal Lean Solutions

Crystal Lean Solutions have trained over 400 people for the LCi Lean Pass. We have over 90% positive feedback rate of training being delivered to a high standard and 98% of our trainees would recommend our training to others.

Some Key take homes from trainees that have previously been on the course.

  • Standarising Store on Site
  • Identifying tasks we can apply Lean Construction to help improve the job
  • Tidying up computer storage and emails
  • I hope to review practices and reduce time wasted.
  • Identifying the types of waste on site and what could be improved
  • Changing mindset


“The entire presentation was useful, gave a framework in which we can better frame some of the waste we see on site. and how to improve our personal contribution to the team.” – Site Manager

“Instructor was very engaging and was obviously a believer in the values of lean and translated that to the group.” – Project Manager

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