Design and Implementation of a Problem Solving Culture


Key Business Challenges and Project Objectives:

Over the past 4 years, we have been working with a leading Multinational Medical Devise organisation, who operate in a highly regulated yet cost competitive environment. Our client required to change their culture from Fire Fighting to a Learning Based Problem Solving culture. The objective of this project was to:

  • Facilitate the development of a Learning based Problem Solving culture

CLS Approach and Changes Implemented:

CLS worked with the Project Leader to first understand the current process for Problem Solving on site. Based on this initial analysis, a new Problem Solving Process was developed and piloted. The two elements of the process included;
a) natural work teams using the A3 Problem Solving process to manage a problem from definition to elimination and

b) Lean Coaches that would support a team through the Problem Solving Process.
On completion of the Pilot, CLS completed the following:

  • Delivered A3 Problem Solving Process training to approximately 500 employees
  • Delivered Lean Coach training to 80 employees to support the Problem Solving Teams

Results / Outcomes:

  • Implemented a Problem Solving Based Culture
  • Trained nearly 600 employees in the A3 Problem Solving Process
  • Achieved €500k Cost Savings over a 2-year period