To increase Productivity to deliver Business Growth


Key Business Challenges and Project Objectives:

Over the past 4 years, we have partnered with a leading Multinational Medical Devise organisation, who operate in a highly regulated yet cost competitive environment. To address these cost reduction demands, the company recognised that engaging the people on the assembly line would be the critical success factor to improve and sustain productivity. Crystal Lean Solutions was invited to:

  • To facilitate the engagement of two teams
  • To facilitate the improvement in productivity of the two assembly lines

CLS Approach and Changes Implemented:

Working with the project teams, CLS first mapped out current status of the cross functional team members in terms of working relationships using RC. From this initial analysis, an action plan was developed and implemented to maximise team member engagement. CLS then facilitated an offsite workshop with the assembly line team members, requesting their feedback and brainstorming improvement ideas to achieve productivity goals. The following key changes were implemented:

  • Team members were provided with customised training on key lean principles that may trigger ideas for improvement
  • Team members were encouraged to provide their improvement ideas to achieve productivity goals
  • Ideas generated on the day were implemented when teams returned on site
  • Communication process was improved through e-mails, noticeboards and rotation of team to project reviews
  • People were recognised for their contribution to the success of the project

Results / Outcomes:

  • Increased and sustained average shift productivity by 32%
  • Implemented a communication process across shifts and between shifts and project leaders
  • Increased employee engagement and innovation