To complete a Competitive Benchmark Study


Key Business Challenges and Project Objectives:

Working with an IDA client on a LeanPlus project, our multinational client wished to improve the management of the business in a systematic way and build for the future. A Competitive Benchmarking study was proposed with the following objectives:

  • To define the current competitive position of our client against its competitors

    CLS Benchmarking

  • To identify strengths and opportunities within the business
  • Development of an Action Plan based on the Results

Crystal Lean Solutions Approach and Changes Implemented:

Crystal Lean Solutions provided an overview of the Benchmarking Process and the outcome of the Process prior to engaging in the Benchmarking activity. We then selected a cross functional team to work with us to complete a balanced view of the organisation. The key actions implemented to complete the Benchmarking Study included:

  • Facilitate the cross functional team to answer 52 questions with respect to the business across Finance, Learning and Growth, Internal Processes and Customer Services
  • Completed the Benchmarking study using PROBE
  • Developed a Report based on the PROBE Output and reported back to the team
  • Identified and prioritised areas of improvement and collectively developed a plan to address the top three priorities.

Results / Outcomes:

  • Identified client strengths against their competitors and the areas for improvement that can enable them to be more competitive
  • Engaged a cross functional team in the Competitiveness Benchmarking Process
  • Identified a Lean Action Plan to improve their Internal Processes that will increase their competitiveness.

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