Improve Bottleneck Process throughput to deliver Growth Capacity


Key Business Challenges and Project Objectives:

Our SME client are experts in the provision of high precision CNC machined products and operate in a highly cost competitive environment. Crystal Lean Solutions were invited to work with and enable the team to deliver cost reductions through the EI LeanStart Program over a 3-month period. The following objectives were identified:

  • To reduce the Change Over time of the bottleneck process
  • To implement an organised workplace through the 5S deployment
  • To support the development of the Leadership and staff teams to deploy and sustain Lean into the organisation


CLS Approach and Changes Implemented:

Utilising our flexible yet innovative approach, we provided training and action based learning to enable the team to identify and implement changes to the process. Using both the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) and 5s (workplace organisation) Lean methodology, the following changes were implemented:

  • All tooling required for the bottleneck Machining Process is now at point of use
  • Training sheets were implemented for effective operation of each Machine Process
  • Improved communication of knowledge between personnel, through the introduction of critical to quality information on the drawing/programme.
  • 70% of the workplace is not set up in an organised way.
  • Project was managed using an A3 Report.


Results / Outcomes:

The key results from the Lean Start Program include:

  • Released €152k Additional Capacity (15%) for the business
  • Reduced changeover time by 19%
  • Reduced search times by 6 hours per week
  • Certified Lean Yellow Belts for all team members