Crystal Lean Solutions have had the opportunity to enable our clients to achieve both tangible and intangible results, with examples presented below:


Tangible Results:

  • €300k to 500k Annualised Cost Saving
  • 32% increase in Productivity
  • 20% increase in Capacity
  • 85% reduction in Lead Time
  • 20% reduction in Scrap & Rework
  • 45% increase in Cash Flow

Intangible Results:

  • People: Developed long term capability of People through Lean training and action based learning during project execution
  • People: Engaged and Motivated Employees who sustained the change
  • People: Created an organisation of systematic Problem Solvers
  • Purpose: Aligned everyone to the Purpose of the Organisation
  • Process: Implemented a Process based approach to manage the business effectively
  • Process: Decision making based on real time, appropriate, data

To view Lean in Action case studies, please click here Case Studies.

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