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Course Aim

To introduce construction personnel to the basic principles of Lean.


3 Hours

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Course Objectives

The course covers the following areas: • Introduction to Lean Thinking including the benefits of Lean in Construction • Introduction to the Principles of Lean, Customer Value and the 8 Types of Waste • Introduction to Direct Observation (workshop) • 5S Methodology (workshop) • Identify Lean Resources/Further Reading available in the public domain
At the end of this half-day course, participants will be able to:
  • State the benefits of Lean, specific to Construction
  • List the 5 Principles of Lean
  • Find the ‘8 Wastes’ in a process
  • Analyse a process to identify and remove waste activities
  • Understand the 5S methodology of Workplace Organisation

Target Audience

The White Belt programme is suitable for those looking to understand what is Lean in Construction and how to apply Lean tools in Construction

This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of Lean, with special emphasis on how it applies to the Construction sector, and to enable construction personnel speak the same Lean language onsite and in the office.

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