5 Leadership skills to transform your business

5 leadership skills that will transform your business include:

Situational Leadership Skills: Understanding your own style is critical to mastering any leadership skills. In this course, you will learn how to recognise where an employee is currently in terms of competence and capability and how to support the person in any given situation.

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills: Finding it challenging to effectively get your point across? Learn how to engage the hearts and minds of your team through effective, appropriate communication and presentation skills.

Coaching and Conflict Management Skills: Even the most effective teams go through periods of conflict. What is key is to have the skills to coach and mentor team members and work through conflict systematically. This programme will teach you skills around team dynamics, coaching with the GROW model and effective management of conflict situations.

Change Management Skills: With change the one constant in our daily work lives, find out how you can manage change with the minimal impact and the highest level of respect for the people most closely impacted, in an authentic and empathetic approach, including tools from emotional intelligence and Kotter’s change management approach.

We can provide the above support in either a modular approach or a full Leadership Development programme.

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