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Course Aim

The Leadership Development Training programme provides learners with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead teams with both self-awareness and recognition of individual and team dynamics. Furthermore, the programme will support learners to ensure teams are fully aligned with company goals, objectives, vision, values, and behaviours and are accountable to their own roles and responsibilities.

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Course Objectives

Leadership Development Training introduces learners to the fundamentals of good leadership and provides the foundations for learners to improve and develop their leadership skills. At the end of this programme, learners will be able to:
  • Effectively lead a team collaboratively to meet goals while always demonstrating organisational values
  • Optimise decision making to deliver team and individual goals, aligned with strategic goals and objectives
  • With the self-awareness of your own personality preferences and influencing style, adapt and effectively lead within changing environments with empathy while delivering effective decision making
  • Understand the criticality of communication throughout the leadership process
  • Effectively present and understand how to adapt to the audience that is on the receiving end of the presentation, including presenting data and conclusions effectively
  • Lead teams with a heightened awareness and understanding of team dynamics and manage negative conflict situations

Target Audience

The Leadership Development Training programme is suitable for those looking to improve their leadership capabilities to maximise a positive outcome with the engagement and interaction with people you interact with.  
  • All Managerial Roles
  • People Leaders
  • Influencers of Stakeholders

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