Case Study: Pharma Lean Yellow Belt


In 2022, a pharmaceutical company in the Midlands approached Crystal Lean Solutions (CLS) for advice on introducing Lean to their organisation and training their teams.

The training involved Lean Yellow Belt Training for staff based in Ireland and the UK. The trainees were from various departments, including Operations, Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory Affairs. The training took place over two days, using a tailored Lean Yellow Belt for Services programme covering various Lean tools and exercises and full training on the 8-Step Problem-Solving methodology.

Participants based in the UK joined online and the training was successful in maintaining a good level of engagement with the whole class. After completing the training, the trainees worked in teams to apply the 8-step Problem-Solving methodology to challenges in their respective work areas. Projects included chemical waste management, change control workflows, customer order fulfillment, Quality Report review lead-times, and manufacturing/packaging process improvements.

CLS remained in close contact with the teams as they worked through their projects, providing guidance and mentoring through Microsoft Teams meetings.

In January 2023, CLS met with the teams on-site to provide further guidance and mentoring. Each team submitted their projects for assessment in early January 2023, and every team was able to demonstrate significant improvements in their individual areas.

The training was part funded by Enterprise Ireland under a LeanStart programme, and as approved service providers, CLS was well-placed to provide the training required by the client.

If you’d like to commence your Lean journey but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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Shannon Chamber