Human Error Problem Solving


Course Aim

The aim of the Human Error Problem Solving programme is to provide the learner with the knowledge to understand the principles of Human Error and apply to problem solving when human error is assigned as the root cause.

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1 Day - 19th September 2024

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7 Hours - CPD Approved with Engineers Ireland

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Course Objectives

  • Overview of Human Error Prevention (HEP) strategy
  • Understand the Benefits of HEP to Organisation
  • Understand Human Error (definition and assumptions)
  • Understand the traditional Human Error cycle
  • Experience Human Error through a Simulation exercise
  • Understand Fundamentals of how the Brain interprets information
  • Understand the 4 categories of Human Error and sub-categories
  • How to utilise these Error categories in Managing your Business
  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis Problem Solving
  • Overview of the 8 steps to human error problem solving
  • Introduction to direct, contributing and root cause analysis.
  • Complete a Human Error Problem Solving Analysis
  • Summary and Conclusion
At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Define Human Error
  • Identify how the brain processes information
  • Describe the 4 types of Human Error
  • Describe the 12 subcategories of Human Error
  • Understand the importance of designing a human-centred approach to process design
  • Complete a root cause analysis for Human Error

Target Audience

The training programme is suitable for those looking to improve their leadership capabilities, to maximise a positive outcome when engaging and interacting with people, including:
  • All Managerial Roles
  • People Leaders
  • Project Managers



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