4 Ways Enterprise Ireland and IDA will Help You respond to Brexit

Enterprise Ireland and the IDA are relentlessly focused on preparing Irish companies for Brexit. Both organisations meet with Approved Lean Consultants twice a year and here’s how they plan to assist companies be Competitive.


1. Triple the Funding Available from Enterprise Ireland

Companies can avail of funding that will support their Lean journey, from LeanStart, LeanPlus and LeanTransform. Each stage of the journey involves increasing level of understanding of how Lean can deliver process efficiencies. The objective is to deploy LeanTransform which will ultimately sustain Competitiveness. Until Q4 2016, each client company could apply for Lean funding for one of each of these programs. In response to Brexit, companies can now apply for 3 LeanStarts (up to €3.15k per round), 3 Lean Plus’s (up to €35K per round) and 3 LeanTransforms (case by case basis) to increase productivity and reduce costs.



2. IDA Funding Fuelling Business Growth – Lean programs

IDA clients can also apply for Lean funding with equivalent Lean programs for LeanStart ((up to €5.1K), LeanPlus (up to €30k).and LeanTransform. One of each are available, with the objective to improve Competitiveness through migrating through the programs to LeanTransform. Our experience with clients is that the IDA have really kept the application process easy to submit and the response time to the application is within two weeks for LeanStart and LeanPlus As a result of these programs, companies achieve increased capacity while simultaneously reducing their cost base.



3. Up to €150k NPI Equipment Funding in Conjunction with LeanPlus Program

The IDA now have a new product offer where companies can avail of funding up to €150k for Equipment for NPI which is coupled with LeanPlus program. This is a great idea for companies to design, commission and validate equipment with a built in right first time capability into the operational handover to production.



4. Green Programs Deliver Cost Savings

CLSAs Lean is about ensuring that you can do more with less, hassle free, there are significant savings available to clients through efficient use of energy. Both Enterprise Ireland and the IDA promote

this opportunity for clients through funding programs called GreenStart, GreenPlus or GreenTransform. Companies find these programs particularly useful when implementing ISO18001 and or ISO50001.





Find Out More…..

To find out more about these really powerful programs, feel free to contact Maria Ryan at maria.ryan@crystalleansolutions.ie or follow link to CLS website at www.crystalleansolutions.ie.

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