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Course Aim

The aim of the Influencing and Leadership Coaching Skills programme is to provide you with the knowledge and leadership skills to successfully manage engaged and trusting teams to deliver business objectives.

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Course Objectives

  • Purpose: Company vision, strategic goals, values, and behaviours and why does a leader need to know about these?
  • What do Leaders and Managers really do?
  • Skills of effective leaders and managers and how do they differ?
  • Employee engagement
  • Introduction to the Situational Leadership® Model
  • How and when to adopt to each leadership style
  • Recognising how your Myer Briggs personality preferences can complement or contrast with each style
  • Effectively Influence: What is your social style preference and how to communicate with the different social styles, 5 Influencing styles
  • Coaching: How to bring the best out of your team through constructive open questions, active listening and “helpful coaching” and the GROW model
  • Decision-making: How to make an effective decision
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
  • Recognise the different situational leadership style that will ensure that your team members capability and confidence are above expectations
  • With the self-awareness of your own personality preferences and influencing style, adapt and effectively lead your team
  • Use effective decision-making model to make the best decision possible
  • Be self-aware of your own influencing and personality preferences to maximise the outcome of every conversation
  • Apply the GROW coaching model to transform your team’s capability

Target Audience

This programme is suitable for those looking to improve their leadership capabilities, to maximise a positive outcome when engaging and interacting with people, including:
  • All Managerial Roles
  • People Leaders
  • Influencers of Stakeholders

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