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Course Aim

The aim of the Strategy Development programme is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead teams with both self-awareness and recognition of individual and team dynamics.

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Course Objectives

  • Vision Mission and Goals – why do they exist in your business?
  • Purpose of Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Strategy Development Models
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
  • Effectively and collaboratively lead a team to meet the organisations’ purpose driven goals while always demonstrating organisational values
  • Optimise decision-making to deliver both team and individual goals, aligned with strategic goals and objectives
  • With the self-awareness of your own personality preferences and influencing style, adapt and effectively lead within changing environments with empathy while delivering effective decision-making
  • Deliver memorable and high impact communication and presentations
  • Lead teams with a heightened awareness and understanding of team dynamics and manage negative conflict situations
  • Be self-aware of your own influencing and personality preferences to maximise the outcome of every conversation
  • Apply the GROW coaching model to develop your team’s capability

Target Audience

The Strategy Development Training programme is suitable for those looking to improve their leadership capabilities, to maximise a positive outcome with the engagement and interaction with others, including:
  • All Managerial Roles
  • People Leaders
  • Influencers of Stakeholders

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