Meet our LCi Lean Pass Course Trainers

At the LCi Conference on the 3rd October 2019, the LCi Lean Pass Course was launched.

Crystal Lean Solutions Managing Director Maria Ryan was delighted to lead the LCi Lean Pass team with members including Chris Dawkins Crystal Lean Solutions, Darrin Taylor Waterford Institute of Technology, Willie Power and Richard Casey from DPS Group, Ray Curley and Simon Watson from Jones Engineering and Joe O Sullivan from SISK.

Crystal Lean Solutions delivered the first LCi Lean Pass Course on the 7th of October 2019 with CField Construction  which proved very successful and it was positive feedback all around.

Crystal Lean Solutions have 3 Approved Trainers and also have a Public training day in Dublin on November 18th.

Our Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers

LCi Lean Pass Course

Maria Ryan

Managing Director

Crystal Lean Solutions

Christy Murphy


Crystal Lean Solutions

Chris Dawkins


Crystal Lean Solutions

For more information on the LCi Lean Pass Course and training please don’t hesitate to contact Clodagh –

All training provided by Crystal Lean Solutions has funding available.

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