Last Planner System Training Cork 16th October 2019

Last Planner® System is an effective planning and project management system that enables delivery of a project on time, on budget, with a quality unit constructed safely.

Join us on October 16th at the Clayton Silver Springs Hotel, Cork, where experienced trainer and mentor will guide you through an effective, interactive training day.

Course Duration: 1 day

Award: Last Planner® System Certificate of Attendance

Course Description:

The Last Planner® System is “a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects” Lean Construction US. It is a collaborative based approach, where each contractor is involved in developing the plan and is accountable to the plan.  It involves identifying, in advance, what can prevent work flowing and then mitigating the constraints before they occur, results in improved time on delivery, safety and quality.

Program Aim

The aim of this program is to provide the Trainee with a foundation in the Last Planner® System. These skills can then be applied to the next Construction Project, thereby achieving client satisfaction and contractor profitability, through improved schedule adherence

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define the benefits of the Last Planner® System
  • Define the 6 phases of the Last Planner® System
  • Understand the alignment between the Last Planner® System and Lean
  • Apply the Last Planner® System to your next Project

Course Content

  • Introduction to Lean and Lean Principles
  • TIMWOODS: 8 Sources of Waste
  • Introduction to the Last Planner® System and its Benefits
  • Practical application of Last Planner® System in action
  • Develop a Master Schedule, Phase Schedule, Look Ahead Plan, Weekly Work Plan
  • Measure process performance with Percent Promises Complete (PPC)
  • Overview of a Typical Weekly Schedule managing a Project with Last Planner
  • How to be successful with the Last Planner System
  • Overview of Templates and Software available to support Last Planner System deployment

Testimonials from Previous Attendees

What was the most useful part of this training for you?

“Excellent teachers – very interactive”

“Understanding the benefits and how to implement the process”

“Understanding the process of Pull Plan to really plan my work”

“Learning & bring back to the company new ideas”

“Overview of how the whole system works – Practical Application example”

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